Take real control of your life with my powerful black magic spells.

"What made me decide to use your services was not the high success rate, but the promise that your spells were harmless and would not produce any bad karma or unwanted side-effects. My ex was litterly crawling back to me in 2 weeks after the spell was cast. I am a believer now!" (Sara Bliss, NYC, USA)




My name is Warlock Laurentiu. Since childhood I’m studying the practice of ancient black magic. My passion for occultism started when I was a child: once at my grandmother’s mansion, I found an ancient book in a wooden chest. It was partly written in German, Latin, and another language that I didn’t know yet. The book was about ancient gods from the Antique period in Babylon, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. I was only eleven and didn’t understand everything in the first place, but I can remember that I realized some very important secrets were exposed in this book. Of course, I read it until the end, and that’s when my grandmother talked to me about black magic. It was just as if she knew from the beginning that I found one of her occult books and was reading it… She just waited for me to finish my reading to advise me about what I had read. It’s important to tell you about my grandmother. She was seriously involved in witchery and occultism. Her mansion was decorated with old and gloomy objects children like and fear at the same time: skulls, cauldrons, dusty spells, books, parchments…


The Magic Powers of Ancient Gods

The book I mentioned was about magical powers given to mankind by ancient gods. These gods also revealed different forms of knowledge to mankind: how to build pyramids, spiritual healing, how to cast spells, etc. If you are interested, you can find sites mentioning this. Just google some words such as Anunakis or Olmecs.




Why Black Magic?

Black Magic is a very renowned form of magic, and needless to say, a very bad reputation surrounds black magic spells, sometimes with reason, but there are still many false ideas to correct. First of all, black magic can be very useful to cast magic love spells. Some people believe that black magic can only be used to cast revenge spells. Secondly, it’s often said that black magic spells backfire. Concerning this matter, black magic is not different than other magical arts: it depends on how the spell is cast. A professional spell caster always ensures there is no possibility of backfire or bad karma. Thirdly, black magic doesn’t involve negative side effects. As backfires, if the spell is cast by someone who knows a lot about the Craft, the spell will achieve its purpose, and nothing bad will occur… unless you really want it!




MY BLACK MAGIC SPELLS are the most powerful spells that can be cast! Don’t try to look for better results with other magical arts: it’s a waste of time, if you want my honest opinion. Do you want permanent and accurate results? In that case, listen carefully: black magic spells are the ONES YOU NEED because:

1. they are the fastest to work

2. extremely difficult situations have much greater chances to be solved with black magic spells.

Anyone who knows a bit about magic has to agree on that.






*Remember to send me FULL NAMES, BIRTH DATES, COUNTRY, ALL THE INFO ABOUT THE SITUATION, and what you want the spell to do.The spell-casting service is NOT FREE. It costs from 150 USD and up. Consultations are free of charge.




1. Is this really safe? Of course. It would not be professional to harm a believer with my work. No backfire or bad karma.

2. Do you cast revenge spells, though? Yes, indeed. I master revenge spells as well as potent love and money spells.

3. Will the spells give fast and everlasting results? Yes, they will!

4. Do I need to do something after you have done the cast? Yes, a simple ceremony is needed to accelerate the effect of the spell. You can do it anywhere you want.

5. Is it true that black magic is the strongest? Yes, it sure is! I see it as a last resort when other magic has failed you.

6. Should I be 100% sure of what I want before you cast the spell? Yes, you must! Once it is cast, the results will not be reversible.

7. Can I pay with credit cards, Paypal, and money transfer? Yes, of course. I can offer whatever fits your needs properly.

8. How long does your client normally see results, and when has the spell manifested? It is normal to have results in 3-9 weeks. Most clients see full results on an average of 5 weeks, but I can not promise you that. Every case and every client is unique.

9. Will you stay in contact with me AFTER the spell? Yes, of course I will. But remember that I am swamped so please do not send me emails unless it is very important for the case!

10. What do you need for the cast? Your full name, birthday (photo, if you can supply via email), any lover's full name and birthday (and photo if you can supply). If you are missing some info, don't worry. All can be solved!

11. Do you offer a money-back guarantee? Yes, I do. I do not think it's normal, but I do it out of utter respect for you, the client. I wanna prove myself to you by offering this guarantee. Read at the bottom of the page for details.

12. Do I need to be over 18 to order a spell? Yes, that is correct.

13. How much does the spell service cost? Depends on the complexity of the situation, between 130 and 700 American Dollars. No hidden or extra fees will be asked.

14.How do I contact you? email me at once for a 100% free consultation.



What can you get from black magic spells?

Black Magic is the absolute magic. In terms of power, there is no comparison you can possibly make with black magic, which is definitely the best magic ever. My success rate is extremely high, and I have results in over 99% of the spells I have cast. I normally have speedy results too. I get reports all the time about results appearing within the first week. I can not promise you that, but it is an excellent sign that I can help anyone with anything. I am so certain that you will be happy that I offer a full refund if not* (See terms below).

"I always thought black magic meant just to harm somebody. Gee I was wrong! I never thought I could have my boyfriend back with a black magic spell. Who would have imagine that? Thank you warlock L, for making my life happy once again..." (Nerida Lancida Puertas, Puerto Rico)

I agree with you! No need a black magic spell if it’s only to have small effects.
I GUARANTEE a FULL SUCCESS in 4 months!!! I will recast your spell for free if there are no positive results.

What I can personally do for you:

I can cast different kinds of spells to answer several needs of yours: Get a lost lover back, attract new love, find your soul mate, break up spell, revenge spells, and much more. You can contact me now to learn more about my work and how I will help you with a real black magic spell.

Contact Me Now ONLY IF You Want Me To Cast A Black Magic Spell

Because of the harassing work I have due to the spells I cast, I have no time for jokes!!! If you are just curious, don’t contact me! I only answer serious requests from people who want me to cast a black magic spell.





*Legal Notice - Privacy Policy - Terms of Service

Dear customer, before you purchase my services, I'd like to point out the importance of these rules below.

* you must be 18 years of age to use my services.
* This is not to be a substitute for any professional services such as Police, solicitor, and doctor.
* Do not contact me or purchase any services from www.blackmagiclovespells.net unless you have total confidence in the powers of the spell caster. Do not start something with the mindset of failing. Total trust is essential for accurate results.
* All sales are final!

All clients who use the services of www.blackmagiclovespells.net will by law require total confidentiality about all correspondence made to www.blackmagiclovespells.net. All emails and information sent to www.blackmagiclovespells.net will as well be kept in total confidence and never be shared with a 3rd party.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All clients are instructed to enter the contact between the client and the spell caster with a positive mind. If the spell you purchased could not solve ALL your problems, you have the right to a recast earliest after five weeks or a refund after six months.







Owner of the Ring of Power: Extraordinary news in my career: after my last trip to London, a secret magic community awarded me with an ancient Ring or Power. It is hard to describe its power. Now I can achieve the fastest results you can imagine. Especially in hard love cases. Check its power by yourself and contact me now!!!

2022 is finally among us: This very special and waited year has finally arrived. All karmic adventures will now be accelerated, and you will be able to achieve the dreams you always had. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in knowing how this astrological phenomenon works. I am ready to take your case if you feel that strong connection.

The Age of Aquarium is here: I hope all my clients are having a beautiful end of Year, surrounded by family and loved ones. For ALL those messages I got thanking me about the results you got, I hope you understand I cannot reply to them all. I am glad I could help you get your lover back, the job of your dreams, or the amount you need urgently to achieve a peaceful life. Thank you all for trusting my visions and work. This New Age of Aquarium gives us the proper consciousness to ascend to the next dimension.

African Magic Workshop: I want to thank all the great masters that gave me this new opportunity to meet their techniques and share and join our powers at this very special last trip I did to Egypt. I can now offer all my clients significantly faster results, especially for love and money spells.

2021's Best Black Magic Spell Caster: I proudly announce I have been rewarded as "Best Black Magician" of the semester at Witchcraft Magazine. Thanks to all the voters who daily trust my work. It wouldn't be possible without your support. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.

New Gypsy Revenge Spell: Has someone hurt you? Are you tired of job bullies? Has someone stolen love from your bare hands? Try my new Gypsy Revenge Spell. This modern technique will grant a dose of its own medicine to a specific target. Make your enemies regret to have messed with you.

New recipes for LOVE SPELLS: I started this year of magic with several great pieces of news. I have been invited to Africa and Eastern Europe, where I have been given extraordinary new spells. Ancient techniques now joined my magic catalog of recipes. Especially for love cases, on which I have specialized my abilities, and now I can offer the best spells service available for people with affective issues.

I have been awarded as SPELL-CASTER of the year: Thank you very much to all the voters!! I have been recognized as the best spell caster in MODERN WITCHCRAFT MAGAZINE. I feel very proud about this, and all the hard work begins to flourish for me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY HAPPY CLIENTS! I am proud to have registered 198 successful cases this year (my success rate this year has been almost flawless). I want to thank all the people who trusted my magic. I have met very special people, some of them with severe spiritual pain, and it makes me very happy to see I have helped to change that. For all the lovers that are reunited through magic and love. For all the new millionaires in this words. People who get what they deserve, finally. Cheers to you all!!!!

Shamanic Heritage: I want to share a sad but honorable story. One of my greatest mentors, protector of the ancient Truth and helper of Gods, has recently passed away. This is a hard time for all who have loved and respected him since years ago. I received a letter from his daughter last week, where I found he decided to leave his magical secrets as a heritage for me, his favorite disciple and friend. This is a huge honor and responsibility, and I am surprised by his decision to reveal well-kept secrets (way too long). I can proudly assure my book is twice as thick, and my spells are now renewed, stronger and faster.

Third Dimensional Vortex: Great news for what I can offer now for my clients. In association with other magicians, I was able to finally find and open, after years of hard work and investigation, a solid Door to another dimension. This allows me to be incredibly accurate in my readings and will increase my success rate to unimaginable limits. I am eager to demonstrate this new opportunity in professional magic. Contact me now if you need proof.

Summer discount: This summer I'm offering a 2x1 combo spell. This means you get a spell for your situation and add another spell absolutely free of charge. Valid only until August 15th. 2020.

New tools in my set: This May, I acquired an extraordinary ancient sword used in early times to cast powerful spells against the enemy army. Now, I can use this special tool to stop any negativity, no matter the nature of the case. This sword can grant anyone protection and success in any venture. Ask me about this without any hesitation.

Impeccable success-rate: I'm glad to inform my dear customers that this month my success rate has been FLAWLESS. Thank you to all who have joined me on this beautiful trip of life together.

The waiting is over: I'm now back from the Promise Land, where I spent all last year, collecting new tools, learning new techniques and improving my magical skills with the most important magicians in the field. To everyone who contacted me during 2019, I'm sorry I didn't take any case, but this was essential for my career and a promise to my grandmother. I'm now back to normal and eager to take cases with a higher success rate than ever.



(Some names have been modified after request - All testimonials are real and approved by each customer)

"This can't be true Laurentiu, I really am having the hardest time believing this is REALLY happening. He is back from ### (European Country) to our little town. He has left her lover and she seems to have disappeared!!! Now his stubborness seems to be deleted, or something like that. This is amazing!!!!!! Thank you!!!" (Grace from USA)

"Your excellence. I wish you have the best new year and want to thank you hugely because you helped us to sustain love and care, after one of the worst stages of our relationship. I can now say I feel happy once again, and like never before. Thank you proffesor! We love you." (K. from Birmingham, UK)

"It felt good to have her back in my pocket. She thought I was going to wait with my arms crossed? Heheheh. Laurentiu, I need to thank you, I think I can read her mind and control her acts at will. This is awesome. Magic is real!!!! (Richard, Minessota, USA)

"Dearest Warlock Laurentiu. Panic attacks have ceased. I don't know how you did it, but it worked!!!" (Roberta, Hungry)

"After years of struggle, you gave me the energies to face my reality and fight back to the dark cloud that surrounded my life since months ago. Thank you black warlock. Your luck spell is beautifuly intense and gave me more than I even dreamed about. I now live in peace and harmony." (Minnie, Bogota, Colombia)

"Master Laurentiu, your spell gave me awesome results. Only 4 days went through, and I already have two new interviews for a very special role at a Hollywood movie!! I am astonished with this, and feel my auditions will be an absolute hit, so my self-esteme is amazingly high! Thanks!!!!!" (A.J. - California)

"If I wouldn't update you with my testimony regarding my case, I know I would be unfair with universal energies. My dearest warlock, my woman, my soulmate, my entire life is back. I have nothing but a huge thankful heart for what you have done for us. I won't hesitate in recommending your services. A strong and kind regard to you and your family, powerful Professor. Thank you." (Ronald, South-Africa)

"Magic did work!!! This is absolutely awesome. He is back!!!!!! He took his bags with him last night. Thank you master Laurentiu. I really have no words for this. Thank you." (D.O., USA)

"My fiancee regret to marry me and run away. I was devastated. All our plans destroyed. Another spellcaster recommended Warlock Laurentiu, he was supposed to be a love spells expert. He casted on late March. On early April, my BF came back to me with a diamond ring, a dozen of roses and a box of chocolates. I am satisfied and happy to follow my instincts on this. Thank you warlock Laurentiu. You gave me hope and happiness again." (Ana, Finland)

"Laurentiu: thanks for what you did. You were by my side all the time, as you promised. I now got the job I wanted, and now I was promoted to become a supervisor. I can't believe 5 weeks ago I was an unemployed. God bless you and your magic." (Miguel, Austin, USA)

"Nothing deep can be said in situations like this. I am wordless. Your spell worked last weekend. Thank you for giving sense to my life once again." (Robert, Ohio, USA)

"What a beautiful news I got today: the man I met in a dating site 4 months ago, who I didnt met personally before, is movin to town in two weeks!!!! I cant believe you made this happen. This is increible. And if this sounds surprising, he also said he has something to give me, and after insisiting too much, he said to prepare my finger!!!!!!! I am sooooo happyyyyy, I can't waaaaaaaait. Thank you dearest laurentiu, thank you" (Magali, Lima, Peru)

"I did not believe in magic or anything like that. I also thought magic couldn't work on a skeptic human being. It was supposed to be based on trust or belief. I thought every spellcaster online was a fraud. After some research on the web, I was more skeptic than ever. I found bad comments from alleged clients who said Laurentiu's work was not true. I am the live proof his magic is real, and it works. I got rid of debts, had a new child and live happy with the love of my dreams. Internet can be a tricky way to find the truth, but if you trust Laurentiu's work, you will find the same I found: love, health and happiness." (Gregory, Ireland)

"Great Laurentiu: I recognize I felt your power immediately to the ceremony, but you really overcame the results I expected. When you told me I could be a millionaire, I really didn't think you were speaking literally. I now see you did. Infinite thanks to you. I will donate half of my wealth immediately to a known and serious Foundation." (Dina, Chicago, USA)

"He´s back, and I can´t believe it. Your celestial spell worked!!!!!!! I will always worship you." (Margareth, Firenze, Italy)

"You are a very special warlock dear Laurentiu. I truly didnt think you will solve the puzzle, and you did. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my mother" (Dina, Toronto, Canada)

"The family of my love one acepted me as a part of they family. I dont think you have idea of what this mean to both. I dont have words to expres my gratitude." (Shanti, New Delhi)

"How can this be possible? I don't understand how you made this happen. She was the most stubborn person I knew, and now she acts like the sweetest one... God, you really amazed me, man." (CJ, Anaheim, USA)

"When I first contacted you I didn't believe a word of what a magician could say to me, I have been ripped off dozens of times. How can be possible to see the future? How the numbers came into my mind that way? I must recognize that you amazed me and I will always be faithful to your magic. Also wanted to inform you the 10% of the lotto prize has gone to charity. Thank you black warlock, I will never forget what you did for me" (Ronald, Sacramento, USA)

"I can't believe you made her disappear from my life. I can't believe the nightmare is over. She was turning me into a crazy man, and I am a good man. Thank you warloc laurentiu, I thought this hell won't ever end, and you made me see I was wrong. Love for you." (Cody, Prague)

"I think God put you in my path, He sent you in the human field to help me finally lose this weight all over my body and inside my soul. Week 3 and keep losing pounds. I can't believe it, after spending so many dollars in fake magicians and scammers, you are the light I needed in my dark spirit. I even can't thank you enough for this miracle to be happening. God bless you dark warlock, long life to your power." (Michelle, Miami, Florida)

"Hey dude whazzzup?????? A lil' update for you: she called me today and said she cant go ahead without me, what do you think???? Last time she call all ended in a battle. I preciate your help very much,finally something different in our lives ." (Dee Dee, Brooklyn, NYC)

"Thank you Laurentiu. Now my family is in one piece again. I m vey happy with the results you gave us. Thank you very much." (Monique, Lyon, France)

"My humble spirit will never be able to pay back. I feel I owe you, dear Laurentiu. You have healed my soul and made me meet my soulmate's love in ways I never imagined could be possible. Thank you my guardian angel" (Belinda, Manchester, UK)

"Oh, Dear Lord. It felt so bad at the beginning. I must let you know guilt had been eating my head, because I thought I was interfering with God Almighty's plan. But you let me know that we weren't, and I believed you. I am proud of my decision now. Every aspect of my life is better, I feel like a new person, as if I was reborn or something. How can you make this kind of things happen?" (Orson, Austin, USA)

"My dearest friend: (I see you as my friend now, I hope you do so). If I could have thought about this clearly before, I would have NEVER doubted about your power. I must apologize for doing that and I promise I wont never ever hesitate about my belief in black magic again." (Nicholas, Singapore)

"Let me say with a smile on my face that every expectation day was a funny and easy day in my life while waiting for results. Thank you for getting my son back to me. I will recommend your magic to all my loved ones, and feel free to copy this message on your website if you think that is appropriate." (Elena F., Cordoba, Argentina)

"Just in case, I will donate part of my winning to charity, to avoid any bad karmas. Thank you Warlock Laurentiu. You changed our lives, and we will eternally thankful. My best wishes to you and yours." (Renee, Oklahoma, USA)

"I want to share my case, this is intended to be a huge recommendation to every reader of your testimonial section. My son needed help with his studies cause he was losing his year at college, and we are not what you can call a wealthy family. I am amazed with the luck spell you casted, he started to focus somehow, and finally got a full scholarship. I want to scream of happines cause you gave us more than I could even imagine. God bless you Laurentiu." (Nadine, D.C., USA)

"Dude I won 50K tonight!!!!! I know you said winning would be gradual , but being the first win after only 4 days from the spellcasting, nothing bad, huh? LOL" (Carlos, Florida, USA)

"Blessed master warlock: You told me if I got what I wanted I could tell my experience at your website. I must tell you I'm still a bit scared, because my skeptical thoughts were really hard to manage. I got to sale my house after 3 years of fighting destiny. I wish we met before. I really do. It took, from the first day I contacted you, only 8 days to complete the sale. I can't believe it yet, you are incredibly powerful!" (Jeff, Canada)

"he asked me to marry him!!!!! oh my god!!!! my legs are shaking while I write!!! I'm so happy, you made my mom to feel so proud! Thank you!!! This was the dream of my life. He is my other half, and now I will share my life with the man I love!!!! Thank you a million times!!!! (L. from England)

"This was the first time I casted a black spell, I now regret I didnt do it before.. Maybe is just fate, I dont know. But I think God put you in my way. The man I love now is only mine. His past seems to be erased, I dont know what you did... He is better now than before the spell. All his best is now out for me. I appreciate very much what you did for me, and will contact you again!" (M. from Scotland)

"I can't believe I don't have anymore financial worries. This seems like a dream yet. Thank you!! I really have no words to describe how good it feels. Please share this on your website, everyone must know your powers!!!" (Richard, from Canada)

"My parents forced me to go to medical school, but I always knew I was an artist. I was losing my time, my passion and my life. After a cleansing, they accepted everything with total naturalness. Now I am free to do what I am. Thank you, I never thougt black magic could help me better than other magical solutions" (Carola, from Spain)

"Are you kidding me? I won!!!!! I really wooooonnnn!!!!!" (Michael, London UK)

"After trying almost all the websites available, I miraculously found the evil eye. I was tired, very tired. All spellcasters were just promises and zero results. I needed to grow in my work, since I had been in the same position for over 10 years. Now I run the project management, and have 25 people under my supervision. Not to mention the salary raise!!! hehehe. (Alberto F., from Chile)

"I felt fat and ugly... Well, let's face it, I was. So, I contacted this website after a friend of mine had extraordinary results and recommend it to me. Now I lost 40 pounds, my skin is like silk, and the guy I liked is now my boyfriend!!! (Nina, from Sweden)

"My girlfriend had run away from me without any explanation. I was literally destroyed, I thought about the worst. I decide to give it a last try and casted a spell from the evil eye. She got back to me, in sorrow and pain, apologizing. This is amazing! True story of my life!!!" (Mark O., San Francisco).

"I know this might sound weird, but I needed help developing my mind powers. I heard only a part of the brain was normally used, and I wanted to be superior. Now I can control the way I learn, hear people's thoughts, and starting to move objects without touching them. I'm amazed." (Anonymous message)

"My company was nearly broken, I needed help urgently. The evil eye casted a luck spell for me, and everything started to change from one day to another. I could not believe my numbers. Everything rose. I honestly don't know how to thank you for this." (Yoshua, San Francisco)

"I got what I wanted, period. I wanted to suceed as a singer and I did it with your help. Thank you so much, I feel like I was born again. (Mirtha, Singapore)

"Gosh, How did you do it??? He just asked me to marry him!!!! I'm so happy!!! I can barely believe it, he was a cold guy, never looked at me and ignore me for several moths!!! I'm the most happy woman ON EARTH. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! (Mia J., from Tenesee)

"To whom it might concern: I just wanted to thank you for your impeccable services. The first time I contacted you, I was hopeless. You took care of everything very professionaly and now I'm a new person. Thanks to you now I'm a proud father of twins now. Bless you!" (Michael C., New Jersey)

"My husband cheated on me. Almost for three years. Now he is all mine again. I can now say I'm happy again. Great job!." (Naresha, from India)

"I needed money, huge debt. Almost 100K, felt like hell, lost and alone. I needed to won a huge amount, and I got the jackpot. It was incredible, it still is. Now problems are gone forever. I recommend to everybody to cast a spell from the evil eye. You can't imagine how near can success be, until you reach this website. Thank you very much!!! (Nelson C., from Mexico DF)


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